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Have a Bad Feeling the Boss will Fire you?

How to Tell If Your Boss Is Going to Fire You ? 

Even those who love their jobs will likely admit that they have some bad days, but when the bad days seem to outweigh the good ones, take time to evaluate how people behave around you. 
If you are about to get fired, there are common signs that your supervisors and peers may display. 
Once you can identify three or more common signs, you may want to start looking for employment elsewhere.

Many of out there Really love their jobs, and work hard everyday, and sometimes start wondering about when they feel something is wrong; How to Tell If Your Boss Is Going to Fire You.

Many love their jobs for many reasons, and there can be many reasons, for many its they only life, others because they realy love their jobs and they feel they are part of something in the world. Well there are many reasons, at least as many reason as there are jobs.

And thats why many has this fear, about the Loosing their jobs part. And maybe finde a way to figure out How to tell if Your Boss is going to Fire you.

Is there ways to see this, and are there ways to become "Fire Safety" ?

Click on my link below and read the full article I wrote about this.

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  1. The post is right on Sigurd! I have had many "jobs" in my life and these signs do appear in work mates. I myself have been lucky in my 9 to 5 jobs because I have always been promoted to higher positions before any one would be able to get me out the door - I have learned very early how to see the signs and you have pointed them out well. Keep up the awesome IBO spirit my friend.