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A Lucrative, Simple and Afforable Business Opportunity!

The TrilogyX5 matrix is unlike anything ever brought to the MLM World. After hundreds of hours of trials and testing They have determined the structure of the compensation plan should be developed around the simplicity of the 3 wide foundation.
Unlike the 2 wide matrix that requires unattainable depth or the 4 wide that is generally out of reach for the average marketer our matrix sets in the sweet spot between these two platforms to alow YOU to be wrapped in an environment designed to help you achieve your goals.
To bring a breath of fresh air to a market full of doubt and confusion our matrix is SIMPLE to understand without any "Gotchas" in the mix. All the cards are on the table to allow you to make an educated decision before you decided to get involved.
You can choose to enter ANY matrix you would like at ANY TIME either by using your earned commissions OR paying out of pocket.
You will be AUTOMATICALLY entered into the NEXT matrix once your current matrix is completely filled.

SO Why is TrilogyX5 Different?

TrilogyX5 is a simple, easy, and fun way to be in business for yourself. A low one time entry fee of $50, with no monthly auto ship, and a 3 level generation pay on you`re personally sponsored. 
As your 3x5 force filled Matrix begins to fill you will not only start to earn income off of every single person daily who lands in your Matrix, but you will also receive state of the art e-books, educational material, capture pages, leads, etc. the moment you join.

Spillover in your 3 x 5 matrix is inevitable due to the fact that many distributors will sponsor ten, twenty, fifty, even one hundred and beyond. All additional members fill in below existing positions.
Motivation to sponsor significant numbers resides with three generations of matching bonuses. For everyone personally-sponsored and those they sponsor, and again one more generation, 33% of the matrix income is paid out. This can result in far greater income than from the matrix.
Start-up cost is one-time $50.00, a comfortable point of entry worldwide. From that point a distributor is qualified for commissions on the entire funds will be taken from commissions to earn on the second through fifth level of each matrix.
As a matrix fills, a small percentage of commissions are utilized to re-enter a distributor into the same level matrix following their sponsor, as well as to place the member on the next higher level matrix, also following their sponsor.
At any point a distributor may opt to move ahead to a higher matrix prior to the automatic process and begin earning increased levels of commissions.
Commissions are earned instantly as each position in the matrix is filled, then paid daily into the distributors AlertPay account. Matching bonuses are paid in the same manner as earned.
Here is a Grapichal Representation how the Matching Bonuses Structure Works

If you like to take a closer Look I would Recommand you to like the Join Now and see what this system has to offer!! 
This one is looking Promising!

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