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WHAT SPAM IS...! A few Words About it....

Spamming is the absolute WORST way of marketing.

Not only is it illegal in some States, it is useless. 

It's a waste of time and money, not to mention inmensely annoying. 

Ask yourself this question:

"Would you like to receive 5-20 unwanted emails on Business Opportunities and Viagra?" 

Now, following that question: 

"Would you purchase any products from those people?"

The answer to both questions is: "NO!!!!!"

Imagen if sample: Donald Trump had start doing it this way, would he been that successfull?

Spamming is like a Pandemic, Occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting

an exceptionally high proportion of the population.

Do you see why spam is not as effective as other methods? 

What you want is target advertising. In other words, you want to filter out the people that wouldn't buy this product with the people that would buy this product.

You will use Non-SPAM methods of promotion to get people from all around the world to visit your webpages

To our success

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