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Something You Should Know about AutoXTen

This short article is probably going to be a little different than others you might have read in regards to Auto X Ten.
I have noticed this opportunity being promoted very heavily lately so I wanted to provide some feedback.
Hope this is going to provide some important details which are left out of most home business opportunity presentations and give my honest opinion as to whether this company has what it takes for long-term industry success. After you are finished reading this you will have the necessary information that’s needed to help you understand how this business model works and also you are going to be in a position to make an educated decision as to if this really is the opportunity for you.
Brent Robinson and Scott Chandler are the co-founders of AutoXTen. It is always a very good sign when a new company has no problem saying who the owners are. Before joining any company it’s always essential to determine who the owners are and what kind of reputation and experience they possess. Brent and Scott are well respected and successful within the network marketing industry. They were both very involved with building the pre-launch of OneX . After repeated delays with the OneX launch, reportedly because of the lack of obtaining a payment processor, Brent and Scott decided to launch their new company because they already had a one.
The first launch announcement of AutoXTen was on June 13th 2011. In just two days they already had over 11,000 pre-registered members. This company has over 39,978 registered members as of this writing with thousands joining every single day and with numbers like that they’re currently on track to having the largest launch in network marketing history. With those sort of numbers there is no doubt they are going to reach the 1,000,000 member mark. The scheduled launch is just under three weeks. Having a low cost one-time payment of just $10.00 means anyone can afford to participate. With the low price start-up fee it really is no wonder they’re experiencing a really rapid growth.
The Autox compensation plan all starts with a one-time payment of $10.00. They use a 4×4 matrix system with 2 stages. Once you have completed your first stage you will have earned over $11,000. Then once you have completed your second stage you will have earned almost $200,000. With the ability to pay a one-time payment of just $10 and have the possibility to earn $200,000 is in itself phenomenal. Add to that the fact that there’s no obligation to personally sponsor anyone makes this a really attractive opportunity. Also, when you personally sponsor new members you are going to be rewarded for that too.
AutoXTen offers what is called the matching bonus. Whenever you personally sponsor people to the program you are going to get a 50% matching bonus on all of their matrix earnings. When those individuals personally sponsor others to this opportunity you will receive an extra 50% on their matrix earnings. To help make this easier to understand is you get 4 and teach 4. What I mean by this is you sponsor 4 new members and you teach those people to do the same. Then they teach their members to do the same thing and so on. If you can do that the potential to make a whole lot of money is huge.
It truly is easy to determine why AutoXTen is having such massive growth in such an incredibly short time. With having a low entry fee of just $10.00 and the potential to earn $200,000 without having to sponsor anyone has a really impressive appeal. Now imagine if you are able to sponsor just 4 people and teach them to accomplish the same. That could be life-changing. With any new business you must be able to generate leads in order to have success. If you knowhow to marketand can generate leads and teach them duplication you can have success with ANY company. The question now is not “why someone would join”, but rather “why wouldn’t they?”. The worst thing that may possibly happen by joining AutoXTen is you lose $10.00.

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