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You have been taught all wrong!!!

To start, I just want to gloat about the fact that vTrafficRush has now shown over 100 million ads.

And then forget everything you have been taught about marketing and open your mind.

Many of you have been told, "Promote yourself first" and sometimes that is even followed up by, "and the rest will follow." Take that at face value and you will fail, I guarantee it! I am not saying that branding yourself is a bad thing. The problem is, those self-professed gurus stop there. If you are branding yourself and waiting for the rest to follow, you could be waiting indefinitely for something to happen and will likely give up on making a true income online. This is not all about vTrafficRush, this is internet marketing in general!

So, forget everything you have been brainwashed into thinking. For one, most of you that have heard "promote yourself first" are making very little to nothing and keep listening to those who tell you that, and keep on waiting for the rest to follow.

I ask you, what kind of a person are you? Do you want 1 million dollars now, or a penny today, 2 pennies tomorrow, 4 pennies the next day, and so on, doubling the amount every day but for only 30 days?

Most people opt for 1 million dollars now. They want instant results. That kind of person will always fail in internet marketing, guaranteed. It amazes me how many people have paid for pro membership, have done absolutely nothing to build their business, and then ask me why they aren't making any money!

If you are looking for something for nothing, you are in the wrong place! Internet marketing is not where you should be!

If you are the person who would take 1 penny today, you would gain over 10 million dollars in only 30 days. Number one difference between these 2 kinds of people, the one who take the penny today can think ahead.

If I was an employer and hired you to work for me, would you expect to get paid for doing absolutely nothing? If so, internet marketing is not for you!

If I had a magic formula that paid you for doing absolutely nothing I can guarantee you that the federal government would be all over me!

Success is up to you. With vTrafficRush you are in control like no other site out there. But this control only comes from being a pro member which is going up in price very soon as vTrafficRush is about to hit 3000 members.

As a pro member, you get 40% commissions from your 5th level referrals. You, the same as a free member, get 20% commissions for your 1 level referrals. So, who are you going to promote first??? You can sit and wait for your downline to do something, or you can take the bull by the horns. Pro members, want the bigger commissions? Promote the link of someone in your 4th level. Anyone who joins would then be in your 5th level where the bigger commissions are! It's a no brainer! Pay It Forward and make more money for doing it! Stop waiting for your downline to do something and take control! Your success is all up to you! You are in control!


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