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You can pre-register right now at NO COST!

AutoXTen is in Pre-Launch! You can pre-register right now at NO COST. This will hold your position in the matrix. The do whatever research you feel necessary prior to the launch when payments will be made.
By registering now you can have several people in your matrix by the actual launch and even earn money on the initial load.

At this point your are probably thinking "Turn 10 into $199K? Is this some sort of Scam?"Well the answer to that is a resounding NO! But let me share with you how you can be as sure of that as I am. First of all I am just a person who joined AutoXten and am promoting this opportunity, quite frankly because I want to earn more that the basic $199K, but I have been in this Industry for 5-6 years and know how to recognize a scam.

The first way to tell is if the owners of a company hide who they are. Obviously if you are going to scam hundreds of thousands of people then you sure don't want them knowing who you are.The owners of AutoXTen, Brent Robinson and Scott Chandler, are very open about their identity. In fact more so than anyone I ever seen. On a live presentation call Scott Chandler even gave out his address where he also owns a Motorcycle shop.

The second reason you can rest assured is that during the pre-launch they are not even accepting payments. The reason is that in AutoXTen when somebody joins AutoXten and pays the $10, that money is immediately paid to the whoever is supposed to receive the money.
Basically is Scott Chandler and Brent Robinson were going to scam hundreds of thousands of people they sure wouldn't tell you where to find them and they would be taking the payments from day one. AutoXTen is what is seems to be, an opportunity to make some good money with only a $10 risk.
Why Should Your Join Right Here, Right Now?
This is very important to understand because it can make a huge difference in how much money you make.
First, this is a pre-launch when you join right now you do lock in your position ahead of the thousands of others that will be joining, but you don't even pay now. You won't pay until the systems are all up and running and the company launches. When you join right now your are placed in the four by four matrix and you will have four empty positions under you. When someone is placed in that first position you earn $10. So by the time the company launches and everyone submits their payment, those positions beneath you should already be filled and you should make at a minimum the $10 back and could easily earn hundreds or even thousands on the very day you pay for your position simply because you locked in your position right now.
The first 10 days of AutoX
AutoXTen did theyr first announcement on June 13th at 7 pm. Right now it is 10 days later and there are already more than 36,000 people registered. All of those members are actively sharing this information. Imagine how quickly this will grow to hundreds of thousands. So the faster you lock in your position the more of those people will fill your matrix on the first day.
Why You Should Make Sure You Join From The Link On This Page.
It's Called Spill. You don't have to understand the entire compensation plan but this part is important. When you join you start a 4 by 4 matrix. Which means there are 4 positions on your first row. When the first one is filled you get $10. The next to earn your $20 which puts you into the second tier and the last one will pay the company for the products. So how do those 4 spots get filled? Well they could be people you sponsor or they could get filled by spill. So when I first started the first 4 people I enrolled filled my first row. Everyone I sponsor after that will "Spill" to fill the first row of someone on my team. That same concept works on every level of the matrix. This is how you can actually fill your matrix and get paid without ever sponsoring someone.

Pre-registering right now locks in your position. So join now and pay later. Chances are you will already have people in your matrix and earn money the day you finally are able to pay.

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