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URGENT! We will be stopping the sale of SAB shares on July 1st!!

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This is some BIG News From the SAB/TAB!
Its very interesting and still I dont know if people have seen what this really is all about, so I putted out the lates news from them here for all to read and think about it:

Search Ad Brokers
As you know we were relying on SAB to fund the building of our Keyword Platform, The requirement was for SAB to sell 18,000 positions to pay for the development of this tool in exchange for a 25% stake of the business.

As it turned out we are not on our way or even close to meeting that goal. As a result we will be stopping the sale of SAB shares on July 1st. We have been able to secure private funding and will be honoring positions sold in SAB on a pro rated basis.

The development on the Key Word platform will continue as planed and members who have invested already or up to July first will be considered investor/owners and compensated for life as such.
We have secured a high level developer from another company and signed the contract this week, we now have a fully qualified full time programer on staff. This is a $100,000 dollar investment so you can understand our need to bring in private funding.

We are considering selling off a limited number of founding member positions to round up our funding requirements, more will be made available on that topic at a later date.

Text Ad Brokers
We have had a setback in our advertising platform and had to retrieve a back up, if you are missing ad credits that you once had please use the form in TAB to re request your advertising. is being branded by Radonic Rodgers Marketing and Design. This is a world class marketing agency capable of catapulting our brand and image to a fantastic new level.

Radonic Rodgers is going to produce our copy as well as our press release, the branding package as well as the brand message.

We have reviewed the contracts and should expect our brand development to be completed soon. Keyword Trader
As some of you know we are moving to a keyword ownership model popularized by leapfish in 2004, some may think it was Kooday that developed this concept but in fact it is a model first put into practice by the search engine Excite many years ago.

We feel strongly in this product and are putting all of our energy into producing this product to a level not seen before. We will be including some proprietary features not yet explored by other engines and to that end believe we can produce a more robust and fulfilling keyword trading venue.

Do Not Miss Your Chance
We are no longer selling positions in SAB as of July 1st, It was imperative that we reach our goal in order to fulfil all of the financial demands of this large undertaking so we have secured some private financial backing to pick up where our membership has left off..

With such a massive market to tap into we are confident that with the right attention to detail that so many others miss we will be the brand that sticks out in the end.
You may purchase positions for the next week. After that no more SAB positions will be sold.

Webinars and meetings
We are getting the meeting room together and expect to have a live call very Soon.

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